Tips on Making the Best Breakfast Pork Hash


Serves 4ppl  

This week we are back at leftovers again – although it’s a cracking dish that will stretch your pork for 2 nights.  Just check out our spring rolls recipe too and you have dinner and breakfast sorted with our delicious Riverview Farms Hot Roast Pork with Crackle!

This dish comes from the American classic of a breakfast hash.  In our version we use sweet potato, capsicums, onions and a little kick from some jalapeno too. But you can use any kinda potato that’s in the fridge, leeks, spring onions, corn etc are all great additions too.  A breakfast hash is known as the ULTIMATE leftover food. Finish it with a simple garlic aioli on the side and top it with a sunny side up egg.  We love it for breakfast BUT breakfast for dinner is also a legit thing so enjoy it whenever!

A Few Tips on Making Breakfast Pork Hash

  • Try chop all the veg to a similar size. It doesn’t need to be perfect just even(ish) so everything cooks at the same time
  • Sweet potatoes cook quicker than regular potatoes but if you are using potatoes you should start by frying these off a little before adding the rest of the vegetables
  • Don’t complicate it – literally just chuck everything into a hot pan and let the pan do the work! If you want to spice it up you can add BBQ sauce, paprika, cayenne etc too
  • When frying eggs do so on a low heat, cover the frying pan with a lid and you will have perfectly sunny side up eggs in a couple minutes
  • Feeling lazy? Serve it family style and let everyone dig in. Just watch out for capsicums all over the table from teenagers who can’t hit their plate!