Roast Pork with White Miso & Soy Dressing

PrepTime 10 Mins
Serves 4
Cook Time 10 Mins

1 x Riverview Farms Hot Roast Pork with Crackle

125g x green beans - top and tailed

1 x bunch of shallots white section and light green section only cut into lengths of 6cm. Approx 16 pieces

150g x fried tofu puffs - Asian grocer

2 x tablespoons of wasabi peas crushed up

12 x mint leaves

400g x rice - cooked. Use microwavable packets for an even quicker midweek dinner


1 x tablespoon of organic white miso paste 4 tablespoons of light soy sauce

4 x tablespoons of mirin

4 x tablespoons oyster sauce

3cm x piece of ginger - finely grated

4 x cups hot water


Kewpie Mayonnaise

Pickled Ginger


  1. 1

    Put all the ingredients into a bowl or glass jar with a lid and shake to combine. Set aside.

  2. 2

    Cook your rice and have it ready to go. Use microwavable rice for a super quick dinner.

  3. 3

    Slice the pork crackle away from the pork and slice pork into 3cm chunks. Roughly chop the pork crackle and set aside.

  4. 4

    In a deep fry pan on high heat add some peanut oil. Add the green beans and shallots for 1 minute and then the tofu puffs. Add chopped up pork for another minute.

  5. 5

    Add the dressing into the fry pan, combine and coat all the vegetables and pork with the dressing. Take off the heat and add the mint leaves.

  6. 6

    Spoon pork mixture on top of a bed of rice. Add your crushed wasabi peas. Serve with kewpie mayonnaise, shallots and pickled ginger.

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