The perfect side dish: Whipped Goats Cheese & Peach Salad


It’s that time of the year again here in Australia.  The weather is warming up, picnic blankets are being dusted off and you are looking for a delicious, simple and healthy salad to pair with your perfectly cooked hot roast crispy pork.  Well, luckily for us that means our favourite fruits that pair amazingly with pork are coming into season too.  Things like mangoes, peaches & watermelon are now a plenty and vegetables like tomatoes are ripe and juicy!

The combination of juicy tomatoes, ripe peaches and creamy goats’ cheese is exactly what you need for a quick, simple and flavourful salad on a hot spring/summer’s afternoon. The salad can be whipped up and transported easily in containers and just tossed together at the park or in minutes in your home to enjoy on your back patio/balcony while the kids play in the pool/garden.

The freshness in the salad lends itself well with the salty fatty goodness that is pork.  There is great acidity from the tomatoes, freshness in the peaches and lovely creamy textures from the whipped goat’s cheese.  With no cooking involved I can’t think of a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon with friends and loved ones.  Head to Coles now, grab yourself a perfectly cooked hot roast pork and simple salad ingredients.  Lunch/dinner never looked so good!