Pork Banh Mi

With Riverview Farms Deli Roast Pork

PrepTime 20 Mins
Serves 4-6
Cook Time 0 Mins

1 Riverview Farms Hot Roast Pork

4-6 Vietnamese Bread Rolls

Large handful of coriander

3 Carrots

2 Red Chili

Handful of Mint

2 Spring Onions

6 tbsp Peanuts – roughly chopped

Mayonnaise *see tips*


Quick Pickled Cucumber

1 Cucumber

½ cup Rice vinegar

½ cup Water

3 tbsp Sugar

1 tsp Salt

Essential Tools

Chef knives

Chopping board

Mixing bowl


To julienne something is to cut into thin matchsticks. You can use a sharp knife or if you have a mandoline or “fancy” potato peeler this works too.

Quick pickled cucumbers are best eaten within a couple days. They start to lose their bright colour and will soften over time too.

Warm the Vietnamese bread rolls in the oven first for some extra crunchy bread.

  1. 1

    For Quick Pickled Cucumber, slice cucumber thinly into discs or use a peeler and make ribbons. Mix vinegar, salt, sugar & water together. Add cucumbers and leave for 10-15 minutes.

  2. 2

    For Banh Mi, julienne the carrots finely *see tips*, slice the red chili and spring onion finely and slice the hot roast pork into 1 cm pieces

  3. 3

    Place some mayonnaise in bun, add carrots, cucumbers and pork

  4. 4

    Then add red chili, spring onion, coriander, peanuts and some crispy pork skin

  5. 5

    Drizzle with sriracha and Enjoy!

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