Delicious Mango Bruschetta with Hot Roast Pork


The BEST time of the year is upon us here in Australia – MANGO SEASON!!!  Those juicy ripe golden treasures are hitting the shops, your local markets and fruit and veg stores.  This week we are taking some of our DELICIOUS Hot Roast Pork with Crackle and pairing it with some ripe mangoes.  Hungry?  That’s good because we’ve got you covered with our ready to eat roast pork!


Just saying mango salsa gets me excited!  Now try Riverview Farms Hot Roast Pork with Crackle and mango salsa.

Drooling?  This salsa is quick and easy to make.  Who doesn’t love a dinner when the only cooking you have to do is grill some bread?  Fresh mango, gourmet truss tomatoes, red cayenne chili, lime, olive oil & fresh basil.

All these ingredients are available from your local Coles where you will find our hot roast pork so there is nothing holding you back from enjoying this.  Slice up the fruit and veggies into nice little cubed pieces, toss the ingredients together and you are good to go.


Simple!  There are a few options.  Our personal fave is to slice it up into little cubes like you did the rest of the ingredients and just mix everything together or you could do wafer thin slices of the pork and place them on the toast and pile the salsa high.

What’s even better about this dish is you can have it hot or cold.  Got leftovers?  Whip up some salsa, toss in the cubed pork and take it down the road to your local park, enjoy the warmer weather, a glass of rose and thank us later 😉

Enjoy! Check out the full recipe here.