How to Perfect the Pork Quesadilla


This week on the blog we are cooking up a delicious Mexican theme dish – pork quesadilla.  This dish is one of our faves here at the farm – it’s easy to make, feeds a crowd and its simply just darn tasty!!

What is a Quesadilla?

A Quesadilla is quite simply a mixture of vegetables and/or meat that is placed in an open tortilla with cheese.  It is folded in half and cooked in a pan to allow the cheese to melt and the corn/flour tortilla to melt.

Toppings include corn, capsicums, onions, chili’s, mushrooms, avocado, cheese and any type of meat you like – one that is pre-cooked.  This is where our delicious Hot Roast Pork comes into play.  Head to your local Coles and pick up a delicious fresh (cooked regularly throughout the day) roast pork with crackle along with the rest of the ingredients and feed the family with ease.

A Few Tips/Tricks to Perfecting the Quesadilla

  • Keep the heat down to low/medium on your burner. If the heat is on too high the tortilla will burn on the outside before the cheese melts
  • Only fill ½ the tortilla and fold it over – try flipping a whole tortilla with ½ cooked fillings and let us know how you get on 😉
  • Place cheese on the bottom of the tortilla (before adding the toppings) and again on the top. The cheese is the glue that holds it together, so you want it to melt on both top/bottom
  • Don’t scrimp on the filling but remember you want it all to warm through so don’t load it up too much either!
  • The cheese will be hot so allow it to cool slightly before cutting and devouring – it’ll be tough, but you can do it!

What’s even better about this recipe is it also works when your pork is cold aka with leftovers so if you have ½ a roast pork leftover from the night before then this recipe is for you.

Check out our recipe for Spicy Chipotle Pork & Cheddar Quesadilla’s, we hope you enjoy it!