The Best Way To Cook Pork: Everything You Need To Know About How To Cook Pork


There are so many fans of pork among us, and yet, not many people know how to cook pork well.

We’re here to break it down for you, and our first message is: do not fear! It’s not as hard as you think to reach pork perfection, you just need to understand the best way to cook pork, and the simple science behind it.

So here we go – put your home chef hat on, we’re talking how to cook pork.


Roasting Pork

The best cuts of pork to roast are generally from the leg or the loin. Start with a quality pork product, and then focus on cooking evenly. That’s the trick to a great pork roast!

A great way to achieve even cooking is by placing your pork roast on an elevated rack in your oven, or putting it on top of vegetables to raise it up.

If crackle is your thing – and let’s face it, it makes pork lovers go weak at the knees – the best way to cook pork crackling is to rub 1-2 teaspoons of salt and a tablespoon of oil into the rind before cooking, and wait until you hear the glorious sound of the crackle blistering and browning.

After ensuring the meat is cooked through to the centre, let the roast rest in foil for an additional 10 minutes. You’ll be swatting people away from the kitchen bench!


Stir Frying Pork

The best cuts for stir frying pork are fillet, loin and leg. When cutting your meat, always cut across the grain of the meat, which makes the meat more tender and locks in those juices.

Everything happens very quickly in a stir-fry pan. You want high heat, evenly chopped sizes of ingredients, and cook things that take longer first, like carrots and capsicums. Cook in small batches if you’re making a large amount. And – enjoy!


Pan Frying Pork

Pork is at its tender and juicy best when it is cooked on a medium heat. A few minutes on medium is all it takes for pork-fection.

To keep things super simple, follow the 6-2-2 rule for how to cook pork like a pro every time: cook on one side for 6 minutes, the other side for 2 minutes, and rest for a further 2 minutes.


BBQ Pork

Our top tip for how to cook pork on the BBQ is to make sure you preheat your grill, and to take the pork off the heat when it is slightly pink.

Stick to about 3 minutes each side for most cuts of pork (depending on the thickness), and longer for spare ribs – about 7-10 minutes each side.

We’re not drooling, you are!


Slow-Cooking Pork

Slow cooking is great for cooking cheaper cuts of pork, such as chops, diced pork or hocks, but also works incredibly well for pork belly, steak or ribs.

The trick is to cut your meat into even sizes, and if you want some extra flavour, sear on high heat in a pan before adding to your slow cooker.

Scoop off any fats that may have risen to the top before serving, and load up that plate.


Grilled Pork

So many types of pork can be used for grilling – loin, cutlets, fillet, leg and scotch steak.

Stick to the 6-2-2 rule for cooking pork, and we recommend serving and enjoying pork with a faint hint of pink for extra tenderness – pork does not need to be “well done”.

So, you can see that learning how to cook pork well is not terribly tricky – and well worth the effort. Now it’s time to put your new skills to the test!